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I was blown away by the atmosphere, beautifully appointed with amazing local artwork. The menu offers a variety of organic, freshly made items with natural ingredients and even gluten free options! - K.L.O.

The Veggie Pizza is the best!!! - V.M.

Best cup of coffee I've had in MONTHS!!!!
Patricia Candy - Kearney Visitors Bureau

R.V. - Just wanted you to know the chicken tortilla soup yesterday was amazing. LOVED it. (:

J.D. - Thank you so much for the delicious food & stimulating conversation, Roberta! Tru Cafe is my new favorite place to eat!

N.J. - It was my first time in this afternoon (came with 2 of my little girls) and it was amazing!! Food was wonderful, and the women that help us and made our food was the sweetest! We will be back soon! Wished we lived closer.

K.U. - What a fun and magical night last Friday at the Tru The band was on with Martin Greg Kate John Mike Joel and I You guys have the best little spot on town. Love ya guys

S.J. - Last time I was at Tru I had a cup of hot chocolate that was so good and didn't leave me feeling full & uncomfortable. They know what they are doing!

K.R. - Oh, oh, tummy is begging me to go to Tru Cafe!

J.D. - One of my favorite places in Kearney that's for sure!

M.C. - Very accommodating and great people. I can't say enough about this place.

A.M. - Thank You Tru Cafe for delivering lunch to us ladies at elesch boutique! You are a life saver, with great lunch choices and coffee to keep us going through our day!!

K.R. - The Peach/Almond Muffin I had the other day was Amazing! Your food IS delicious! I will be teaching a workshop tonight, so can't make it, but will be in again soon! Thanks, TRU CAFE!

J.H. - The quality of the food u serve is always outstanding. I have never been let down. :)

B.C. - Great time as usual. Your triple berry smoothies are the best.

K.H. - Always a fun time at the TRU CAFE!

B.S. - Thank you Roberta and Mark for a lovely impromptu meet and greet! Cheri and Leroy and I feel lucky to have met you, enjoyed your coffee and hospitality...we shall return!

M.R. San Leandro, CA - This place was a TRU find! I was on a road trip across country and stopped in search of a cup of joe...ended up finding this place and it was the greatest! The owners were kind and hardworking. The place was artsy, all the food was baked there by the owner (!!), and they had a schedule for live music. There were also local handmade products for sale along with the drinks and munchies. I was so happy to find this place and hope you get to enjoy it too if you're ever in Kearney.

D.K. Santa Cruz, CA - On a trip from Chicago to Glenwood Springs, CO, we stopped by this place for lunch. First impression, neat design, cool artwork, piano out front. Then the food and drink. Amazing stuff, all of it. They try to make your meal as healthy as tasty as they can, and succeed. And they even have an art gallery and various artistic creations for sale (like hand-knit scarves). I'm looking forward to going here again on the way back.

A.L. Sunnyvale, CA - I came here based on previous yelp reviews.  Finding something healthy to eat in Kearney can be difficult.  The owners were kind in explaining what their bakery items were and sandwich selection.  While the selection is limited, the quality more than makes up for it.  Healthy and Tasty, what more can you ask for?!

D.M. Berkely, CA - On our road trip across the US I did not expect to find a healthy place to eat. This was a VERY pleasant surprise. The owner was baking a quiche and had all sorts of baked goods. I found organic coffee which was probably the most exciting thing in Nebraska. Kearney is actually pretty nice, but I think we got pretty lucky finding this place as most of the locals pointed us in directions we did not want to go. Even better Tru Cafe was only about 10 minutes off I-80.

S.B. Chicago, IL - Great coffee, great sandwiches, great place.  Has a Christian countercultural edge to it.  Good place to stop on a trip across Nebraska.

N.W. Dallas, TX - - In Kearney, eating at Tru Cafe. Wanted to try it out. Love the atmosphere and so desperate for good organic food. What a great place!! 

C.K. - Fun night! Thank you! The food and drinks were fabulous! :-)

J.D. - Is there a support groups for those of us that have gotten ourselves hooked on Tru Cafe's great coffee's? There used to be a bumper sticker or poster that said Friends don't let friends drink Folgers. I'd run out of my Tru Cafe Peru Organic coffee beans I like to grind myself everyday for my quad shot of expresso at our daycare center here in Kearney.(shameless promotion I know. Sugar & Spice Child Care Center 2310 4th ave.) But I got some more from Mark yesterday so life again is good!....but the day before I drank some of my son's Folger's I still can't get the gross taste of Folgers outa my mouth guess I'll have to drink more Tru Cafe coffee to take the taste away! LOL!


J.D. - My supply is running low. I'd better come and get some more coffee beans from you guys. I quit buying anybody elses. I love your coffees!

A.S. - Loved the Kombucha! :) I will definitely be buying it again!

K.F. - "What a ball jammin at the TRU Cafe in Kearney last night. Joel and the guys were lots of fun and I had a ball singing some songs with them............something really cool at this place, its an intermixing of local musicians, a chance for all of us to get to jam together and make music. What a joy! Thanks TRU Cafe! :-)"

T.M. - Best coffee i've had in ten years.

S.Z. - Speaking of Tru....I was there last Thursday for the first time after hearing lots a wonderful things. I had a great time! I was there with 3 locals and we took with us 6 ppl from Michigan that were here visiting for work (Eaton) and they had fun too! Music that night was wonderful and the whole experience was nice!!

C.W. - This place is the best. :) Friendly and welcoming environment coupled with some of the best food and drink around made up with all-natural ingredients. I wish there was a button better than Like for this place!

J.D. - Your hooked aren't you?! I love the atmosphere it's becoming it's own little community.

B.G. - N.R. and myself had a blast! We appreciate Tru cafe being such a huge supporter of live entertainment. Thank you guys

J.D. - Always the place to be. Helps me edge into my weekend early!

  Melissa Otero - K.F. - "What a ball jammin at the TRU Cafe in Kearney last night. Joel and the guys were lots of fun and I had a ball singing some songs with them............something really cool at this place, its an intermixing of local musicians, a chance for all of us to get to jam together and make music. What a joy! Thanks TRU Cafe! :-)"