Mac’s Creek Vineyard – Lexington, NE

2008 Buffalo Wallow – A fun semi-sweet party wine created with a blend of Nebraska grapes.  The aromas of floral and citrus fruit fill the senses.  The sweet flavors will lead you to a smooth finish with this wine.  5.75/19

2009 River Valley Red – Red, sweet and ready for the warm days of summer.  Medium in body with bold varietal DeChaunac flavors of plum, soft black berry and pomegranate.  Pairs well with any great Nebraska steak.  5.75/19

Spring Mist – A refreshing blush created from the Marachel Foch grape.  It is light in body but bold in varietal fruity flavors.  It shares hints of citrus fruit and subtle strawberry flavors.  5.75/19

Celtic Aire 2009 - Made from LaCrosse grapes this wine features flavors of pear and citrus unfold across a light texture.  The finish is fresh and elegant, with lingering fruit essence.  5.75/19

Miletta Vista Winery – St. Paul, NE

Edelweiss – A wonderful sweet wine made entirely from Edelweiss grape.  Perfect to enjoy alone or with a meal.  5.75/19

Loup River Red – A dry medium bodied red with a smooth texture.  Pairs well with red meats.  5.75/19

Workhorse – Fresh red fruity wine with hints of black cherry, chocolate and currant made from Frontenac grapes.  Just enough sweetness and bite to be a refreshing wine after a long day.  5.75/19

James Arthur Vineyards – Raymond, NE


Nebraska White – A semi-dry white wine with layers of pineapple and creamy vanilla.  5.75/19

Edelweiss – A semi-sweet white wine with a soft texture bursting with fruit.  5.75/19

St. Croix – A full bodied dry red wine deep in color and rich in taste.  5.75/19