Single Origin

Brazil Cerrado - This coffee delights the senses with the taste of ripe, chocolate-toned fruit, without a hint of sharpness or acidity.  A deep creamy and full bodied coffee.


Peru Organic – A delicately sweet, fragrant, rich coffee with a discreet but vibrant acidity.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic – A distinctive African coffee that displays powerful floral and citrus aromas and tastes.  An excellent dark roast.


Tru Café Espresso – A heavy bodied and smooth espresso with notes of dry fruit and dark chocolate.


Artists Choice - A complex coffee with intriguing fruit and wine notes.  The presence of exotic African coffees in this blend will appeal to the coffee lover. 

Brick Street - A full-bodied coffee with a hint of smokiness.  A well balanced blend that leaves a subtle bittersweet chocolate aftertaste.


Nebraska Blend – A blend of Indonesia and Central American coffees that creates an exceptionally well balanced taste with deep-toned acidity and delicate sweetness.

 available in 1/2 lbs. $8.00 and 1 lbs $16.00